You’re ready to hire an Interior Designer?

You’re ready to hire an Interior Designer?

If you’re ready to hire an Interior Designer, it’s so important to ensure you are “matching” yourself with the right designer for you.

When hiring an Interior Designer, reviews and referrals are important, yes, but you must take into account your personality and who you would like to be inviting into your home for the next few months.

Every designer has their own design process, so do your research to find out which one speaks to you the most.

Consider your schedule to make sure your designer’s process includes flexibility. Who will be helping you make decisions – a spouse, kids? Make sure they are part of the process. And don’t ever hesitate to ask questions!

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How do we do things?

Our all-inclusive design experience that infuses function and beauty into your home from the inside out.

We’ll collaborate with your architect and build team to demystify the complicated and create a seamless design experience.

Our design process comes with plenty of options, samples, and recommendations on how beautiful visions can translate into real life. Have a Pinterest board filled with marble countertops but a home filled with messy teenagers? There’s a quartz option that looks just as lovely—and cleans up like a dream.

Matsudaira Design Concept Board
Concept Boards for inspiration (featuring these gorgeous spaces by Bria Hammel Interiors)

What is our Design Process?

We have a simple 4-Step Process that is structured to fit just about anybody’s needs when they are ready to renovate or remodel.

1. Getting to Know You

2. Creating the Concept

3. Defining the Details

4. Bringing it All to Life

Tragin Kitchen Vision Board Jpg
Presentation Boards to give a visual look of all the elements

Read all about the 4-step process. If you think we are the right fit for you, let’s start with a Discovery Call!


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