If you have questions, we probably have answers:

Do you work with our own architect or builder?

Yes! We will work with your architect and builder on the project. We establish relationships with our clients’ team at whatever step of the project you bring us on board.

What is the Fee structure for a new build or renovation?

Our fee structure is based on a flat design fee. Every project is different, we will meet with you to discuss the scope of work and present you with a design fee proposal for the project.

Do you provide tile details and architectural drawings?

Yes, we create any necessary architectural drawings and details to provide the builder with all the information they need to execute the design.

What is your involvement during the construction of the home?

We are engaged and on site on a regular basis to oversee the design and details. We are available to the builder and trades for calls and questions as they come up during construction.

How do you present the designs and finishes for a new build or renovation project?

We create and review with you a full presentation with our drawings and details, and finishes to walk you through the design. Either in person or through a digital presentation on a video call if you are a remote client. You have the opportunity to share your thoughts as we guide you through the process.

What is the fee structure for design and style service?

Our fee structure is based on a flat design fee with a furnishings investment for the project. Every project is different, we will meet with you to discuss the scope of work and present you with a design fee proposal for the project.

If my room has furniture already will you come in and add accessories and art?

Unfortunately, our services are best fit for full room designs including all furnishings. If you have a couple pieces you would like us to use, we will gladly consider those pieces.

Do you handle all the furniture orders?

Yes we handle the procurement side of the design which means we will place all orders, verify the details and approve fabric swatches, track the progress and a the shipping and inspection of all products. Their are many details that we handle to ensure your room installation.

How do you present the finish and furnishing selections?

When we are presenting your design in-person, we like to present entire rooms at a time. We Put together a Tray for each room with interior finish and furniture samples, fabrics, paint chips, floorplans, furniture configurations, images, and more.

If we are presenting your design remotely, we will send you a pdf of all the same items and we will send you the physical fabric samples that we have selected for your home. We’ll devote a conference call to walking through your pdf presentation, answering your questions and making adjustments as we determine they’re needed.

Can I make changes to the designs you have presented?

Absolutely! We ask that you review the designs created and have all revision requests back to once at time, within one week of the design presentation. This allows us to keep the project moving forward efficiently.

Can I sit on the furniture before we buy it?

We will do our best to provide you with an opportunity to do a “sit test” of the furniture. Since the furnishings for your home will be custom ordered for you, the exact item may not be available for you to try out. However, we’ll take you to our inventory or a local showroom where you can sit in a similar model to determine what your preferences are.

We travel to furniture trade shows and do many “sit tests” so we know the cushion styles, comfort levels and bring back the information to select manufacturers that we feel will be the best fit for your needs.

How long does it take to get the furniture?

Furniture orders take 10-12 weeks on average.

How long does it take once I’ve submitted my design questionnnaire and room measurements?

You will receive your room design in about 6 weeks from the time we receive your questionnaire and room measurements.

How do I know if the furniture will fit in my room?

It is very important that we receive accurate dimensions to ensure the furniture sizes we specify will fit in your room.

How do I purchase the furnishings you have selected for my room?

We will provide you with all the information you need to order; the source, the style name and number, fabric, and any finish information.

How do I know how much the furniture will cost?

We ask you specific budget questions and give you examples of good, better, best price points to see what is a good fit for you. You are welcome to substitute the pieces we specify for a different piece.

Am I allowed to make any changes to the room design?

Yes, you are allowed one round of revisions to the room design.

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