Take The Quiz-What is your version of livable style?

Take The Quiz-What is your version of livable style?

For some, knowing their own style and how they want their home to function is easy. For others, not so easy. Many people are still trying to narrow it down or they are shifting between them completely and haven’t quite found the one that is right for them. Not knowing your own style or knowing how to express it is way more common than you may think. Are you Traditional? Modern? Craftsman? Farmhouse? Industrial? A mix of some?

Ask yourself questions:

Like, what are you drawn to? Is it simple lines or more ornate details. Do you find yourself happiest surrounded by many items and personal things such as photographs and trinkets or souvenirs? Or do you prefer minimal things, to keep your mind clear. I have found over the years that our personalities play into design style and how people like their homes. Some people thrive in chaos, in contrast others need things right in their place. All the details play into what your livable style is.

Firstly, as an interior designer, it is my job to help those people find their style and implement it into their home where it made to be livable, functional and joyful.

Livable meaning, that is designed to fit your lifestyle – durable and designed to last. Once you have discovered your style, it is so important to make sure that is more than just pretty fabrics and finishes. For instance, if you have fallen in love with a fabric and you want to see it live in your home for many years, it is important to know that it will be durable enough to do just that.

If you need help finding your version of livable style – take our quiz to find out!

Michelle Yorke Livable Style

Simply choose your favorite flooring, bathroom, hardware, living room, cabinetry and sofa – we will send you your result. You will receive your personalized email in your inbox within minutes detailing your results.

Are you happy with what you found out? Let’s talk more about how we can make that style livable for you.


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