Mixing Metals in Interior Design

Mixing Metals in Interior Design

Have you ever heard the phrase “mixing metals”? Well, it’s a term designers like to use when incorporating more than one metal type/finish in a space.

When you hear this – “over the top”, “gaudy”, or “too bold” may come to mind – but today I want to show you just how to do this to create a cohesive look while using contrasting elements. Let’s get straight to it, here are 3 tips on mixing metals like a pro.

Combining doesn’t mean competing.

First decide which metal you would like to be the most dominant, after that you can consider the others to be accents. Keep in mind when deciding on the dominant metal, if you have stainless steel appliances, they may make that decision for you. The finishes on your appliance will also act as a guideline to incorporate the same or similar finish in other parts of the kitchen.

Screen Shot 2020 01 10 At 12.06.42 Pm
Stainless steel was the dominant metal in our Belvedere Kitchen, so we added warmer accents in the hardware and lighting.

Screen Shot 2020 01 10 At 12.12.48 Pm
Once again, stainless steel appliances dominated with black hardware accents in our
Cascade Mountain Home.

Blend warm and cool tones.

When you contrast your tones or finishes, don’t think opposites, think complimenting. Warm metals, like gold or brass are balanced perfectly when mixed with cooler metals, like silver or chrome. How do you do it? Consider a shimmering silver with an antique gold accent.

Screen Shot 2020 01 10 At 11.44.11 Am
Ashley Whittaker did it perfectly with a silver mirror above the fireplace and a gold accent on the legs of a stool. House Beautiful

Finishing touch.

Having said all of that, mixing types of metals isn’t an absolute must to complete a cohesive look. If you decide to stick with the same metal or stick with either warm or cool tones, varying finishes are an absolute must.

Screen Shot 2020 01 10 At 12.24.10 Pm
Marie Flanigan shows us how to do it in this gorgeous bathroom. Shiny gold on the vanity and faucets contrasts the antique gold sconces.
Belvedere Powder Room Wallpaper Design
And how we did it in our Belvedere powder bath.

I hope these are just the tips you needed to start selecting metals in your hardware, faucets, lighting or accessories!


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  • Emily Bennette
    | 19 November 2020

    I liked that you pointed out that you can use metal on both warm and cool-toned pallets. That is good for me to know because I want to redesign my kitchen this upcoming year. Thanks for explaining that I will want to consider using a cooler type of metal for a cooler-toned kitchen.

    • Michelle
      | 6 January 2021

      We are so glad to hear, Emily! All the best on the kitchen update!

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