Design Tips-Kitchen lighting

Design Tips-Kitchen lighting

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Lighting can have an affect on your mood, it can transform the atmosphere of a space and it can add varying elements to the overall design – to name just a few. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home to select the right lighting. It is a space in the home that gets the most use with different tasks at different times of the day. Of course, you have cooking, but there is also eating, entertaining and displaying to think about. So, layered lighting is crucial.

Recessed can lights with dimmers for overall lighting. They should be placed in front of the upper cabinets for optimal task lighting so they don’t cast a shadow when you are standing at the counter.  Stylish pendants for kitchen islands not only give great light but can add an element of color or flair depending on the look you want.  Another layer to consider is under cabinet lighting to lighten hard to reach spaces, it is also a great feature for simple accent lighting at night with the other lights turned off.  And last is interior cabinet accent lighting for any glass doors.  This will showcase your favorite china collection or collectibles. And don’t forget the dimmers! This always give you the ability to soften the lighting depending on your needs or the event. 

Here are a couple of  great examples of layered lighting from our portfolio – recessed ceiling lights, decorative yet functional pendants, display lighting, and of course, natural lighting.

Sammamish Lakefront Open Kitchen Design

Sammamish Lakefront Design & Build

Bellevue Estate Kitchen Interior Design

Eastside Estate

Belvedere Bellevue Wa Kitchen Design



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