5 Pet Friendly Interior Tips For Your Home

5 Pet Friendly Interior Tips For Your Home

As a “dog mom” to a Golden Retriever I am a firm believer in a livable home.  Our home would not be the same without our beloved pup Koda, and if you are as devoted to your pets as we are, they are even included in your family photos. With this said, a home that withstands the loving wear and tear from clumsy paws and golden fur is a must! I like to base my designs around pet-friendly and durability without skimping on the luxe look. One of the top questions I ask new clients is, do they have pets and to find out how their pets are included in their home on a daily basis. Here are 5 pet friendly tips for your home. 

1. Flooring

It all starts with the flooring. When deciding on what flooring to use, keep these things in mind before making your selection. Choose a material that can withstand heavy traffic, resistant to wear and tear as well as stain-resistant. Avoid soft hardwoods that scratch and dent easily. If you do choose to go hardwood that select a harder wood such as walnut or oak.  Some reclaimed hardwood floors can be lower maintenance and look nice as well. To add some warmth to your floors, consider adding a durable, yet stylish rug – Dash & Albert has a great selection of indoor-outdoor rugs!

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2. Fabrics

Now, if you allow your pets to share the sofa with you, the right fabric choice is key to ensure your sofa doesn’t completely go to the dogs… if you know what I mean? It is now quite common to see indoor-outdoor fabric used indoors. The color and print options are endless, but most important, there is now a wide variety of textures available. A couple of my favorite go-to manufacturers are Perennials and Sunbrella, they offer fabrics geared toward any style. Leather and synthetic or Faux leather are all great pet-friendly choices for easy care and durability. Leather is not indestructible, though. Big claws can puncture it and those holes can be tough to repair. Make sure you are comfortable with the natural patina that is sure to develop from scratches. Choose top grain, semi-aniline leathers for the best results. Those hides are dyed through and then treated for additional protection. Avoid fabrics that are a magnet for pet hair e.g. velvet, mohair, corduroy, velour or chenille. Steer clear of any delicate materials that could be damaged by your adorable little friend, e.g. silk. It can be punctured by big claws and those holes can be tough to repair.

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3. Function 

A lot of home owners are now incorporating “pets only” designed spaces. From built in food and water bowls and feeding areas to entire mudrooms featuring built in storage and even grooming areas (tubs, showers, the works!) Talk about livable luxury!


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4.  Bedding

It’s a 50/50 bet whether your pets are allowed on your bed so if they are, use fabrics and bedding that are washable.  Duvets are a good choice to slip the cover off and machine wash. Add a washable throw over the top of your duvet or comforter. This makes it easier to keep pet hair off your main bedding and toss the throw into the washing machine.  Find a few inexpensive ones to keep on hand or change out seasonally for a fresh look and ease of care.

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Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

5. Finishing Touch – Pet Beds

Let’s not forget about creating a warm and cozy space for our dear pets! A pet bed is an absolute necessity to give our four legged friends a quiet place to lounge and snuggle up in. This can sometimes take away the desire to get up on the furniture.  Choose colors and patterns that blend well with your color scheme.  Make sure they are washable too.  There is no better choice for a luxurious and long lasting bed than Perennial’s pet beds, which are customizable with a selection of hundreds of different fabrics. You can customize and order one through Michelle Yorke Design!

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