The Well Balanced Home: Family-Friendly, Functional Luxury

Sunbrella Decorative Pillows

Hi All!

As a mom to two teens, a “tween” and a golden retriever, I know just how important it is that your home be comfortable, functional and durable for the way you really live. I believe in designing family friendly interiors by using suitable fabrics and furnishings that stand up to daily life without sacrificing style or beauty.

I believe that comfortable can be chic, functional can be fun and durable can be delicate. Fabrics and furnishings that stand up to daily life doesn’t mean commercial and outdoor only. As our previous post Performance Fabric in Shades of White and Cream states – “…you may be thinking, performance fabric is a nice way of saying commercial grade fabric. Not so! These fabrics have come leaps and bounds over the years. From bland offices to luxury living rooms, performance fabric has become a game changer in the design world.”

For me, family comes first. When designing a home my goal is to create a beautiful yet functional space. So naturally, my vision for a home is one that allows a family to live in comfort and luxury too!

Here is a little bit of inspiration for beautiful and functional, family and pet friendly furnishings and fabrics.


Family Friendly Mood Board

  1. Perennials Tibetan Knot Rug 2. Modern Chair by Ballard Designs 3. Decorative Pillows from Sunbrella Instagram 4. Stone Cocktail Table from Global Views 5. Textured and Patterned Fabrics by Perennials

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  1. Ken Lewis

    Great blog, Michelle! We love how your interiors always reflect a stylish and family-friendly design. We’ve featured your blog on Studio Designer’s Twitter, check it out!

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