The Tech Friendly Home

The Tech Friendly Home

Keeping up with Technology can seem like such a constant task these days. We purchase a phone or Teched Out House Infographictablet with the latest and greatest and the next thing we know we’re being told we have the old model.  On top of that there seems to now be an app for just about everything.  Hard to keep up? Definitely! But when I find an app that fits my needs or life, I love the features and what it can do for me.

Technology for the home seems to be ever progressing and changing as well.  It’s quite exciting to see just what a tech friendly home can be! I came across this article, The Teched Out House, that shares some very interesting technological possibilities for the home of the future.   My favorite is the self cleaning tile floors!  Check it out and let me know what you think?  Do you have a favorite feature that you’d love to have in your home?


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