The Elements of a Functional, Stylish Laundry Room Design

The Elements of a Functional, Stylish Laundry Room Design

Laundry Room must-haves… are there really more than a washer and dryer needed in a Laundry Room? My answer is YES! Don’t let this space become an after thought – especially if you use yours as often as I use mine (proud Mom of 3 kids and a dog). With a little attention to detail and some bonus elements, your laundry room can become high-functioning and even enjoyable to be in. I believe in utilizing every inch of your home that can bring delight.

The Appliance

Let’s start with the heart of the laundry room – the actual washer and dryer. Overall, appliances have become sort of a ‘fashion statement’ in the home. As designs have evolved and features have been added, you can now shop for appliances based on the style of your home not just the function of the appliance itself. Whether you are into a more sleek and minimal design that doesn’t stand out, or you lean towards a retro look and want your appliance to pop – there is an option for you.

Stackable washer and dryers made a come back this year – did they ever go out of style? – and they are fancier and smarter than ever. The last thing you want when folding laundry is to feel cramped, so a stackable washer and dryer is top of the list. This goes out to those large laundry room owner’s too! They are perfect space savers and allow more options when it comes to designing the layout and look of your laundry room. 

Dual purpose

We’ve spoken about it before and we keep hearing about it – dual or multi-purpose rooms are a popular design trend. The laundry room is the perfect place to incorporate more than purpose or activity. Our favorite is the mud room/laundry room combination. We have a project in the works that features a dog bath within this particular space – we can’t wait to share it!

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Whether you have one closet or simple open shelving, take advantage of every space you can to tuck things away. Stylish bins, baskets and decorative containers for open shelves add function and an opportunity for styling. If you have the space, let your laundry room play host to other items that may otherwise take up space elsewhere in the home – an extra refrigerator or the linen closet.

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A feature that is often overlooked until you need it – task lighting. I recently heard a designer mention how much she loves to iron and a conveniently place light helps her enjoy it even more. Just because this is a room that focuses on function doesn’t mean you need harsh, white lighting – warm lighting is so much more inviting (yes, it is important to feel welcomed when folding laundry). If you’re in the process of designing your dream home, consider adding a window to your laundry room for that unbeatable natural light.

Do you a favorite design element you have incorporated into your laundry room? Tell us all about it!


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