Laundry Room Design – Be bold and brave with color

Laundry Room Design – Be bold and brave with color

Let’s talk about designing a laundry room that is bold and colorful, not your usual ‘boring’ laundry room. How do you create this out of the ordinary space without skimping on function? Here’s how we did it for a family of five. Busy working parents with 3 kids involved in sports – durability, organization and function were key.

Laundry Sink View

Durable floor tiles in a high traffic area – a must, but they don’t have to be ordinary. We went with a classic checkerboard pattern but with a powder blue tile mixed with black for a unique twist of this look.

Screen Shot 2020 03 23 At 1.10.58 Pm

We wanted to have some fun with the walls and ceiling, so we selected a whimsical wallpaper for the walls and marble inspired design for the ceiling to compliment the powder blue floor tile. We went bold with the cabinets by venturing away from the expected shade of white and went with a rich green tone. The copper sink and bronze hardware became a perfect contrast.

Screen Shot 2020 03 23 At 1.11.21 Pm

A timeless tile design creates a subtle focal point. For storage, we hung shelves to hold baskets for each person. And you can’t have a functioning laundry room without folding space, so creating enough counter space was a must. This room was large enough to allow a center table for additional folding space. We chose a unique table for this room…one with a story behind it…look for our next blog post as we share more about it!

Screen Shot 2020 03 23 At 1.11.43 Pm

And just like that, you have a bold and colorful laundry room – far from ordinary!


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