Kids Design – A Room to Grow

Kids Design – A Room to Grow

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As a Mom of 3 growing, and very grown up kids, I’ve had just a little bit of experience in the ever evolving design of kid’s bedrooms. It’s inevitable that their interests and tastes change as they mature. I’m here to share some seasoned advice on how we can help their space evolve with their ever evolving style.

Furniture –

Think classic and neutral. Black and off-white were my go-to’s in this delightful project – nothing speaks more bold and beautiful than the combination of these two tones. A trendy piece here or there can add a little fun, but keep in mind that larger pieces will be harder (and a little pricier) to change out as your lady grows up. Timeless defeats trendy in this case! Add pops of personality in the artwork and accessories.

Screen Shot 2018 12 03 At 12.58.14 Pm

Paint, Fabric and Finishes –

You will often hear the advice to go with a neutral palette when designing a “room to grow”. Scratch that! Nothing says you can’t choose pops of color and pattern to create a fun foundation for ever evolving tastes. In this project, I chose a soft shade of green for the ceilings and a subtle blue with a bold stripe as the wallpaper. In the bathroom, I went with a classic subway tile black and white mosaic floors. The wallpaper is subtle but adds dimension. Every room needs a focal point – in this case, a bold red vanity and a fabulous mirror took on the role. Sweet, yet sophisticated. Fun, yet classy. The perfect traits for a growing young lady.

Screen Shot 2018 12 03 At 12.58.29 Pm

Once again, don’t think plain jane when choosing fabrics for bedding and window treatments. Go with a fun theme that can “grow up” and be changed out later. For example, I chose a cute and classy equestrian inspired print. It is elegant yet so energetic. You don’t always have to design around a theme, but it is quite fun to inject your girls’ personality in the space she will be spending the most time in.

Screen Shot 2018 12 03 At 12.57.57 Pm


In a nut shell – think ever evolving tastes and styles, maturing personality and growing girl. When it comes to larger items, you don’t want to be replacing these down the road, so think timeless. Use accessories to keep up with the trends of the time but feasible to change out, such as lamps, throw pillows and artwork. Don’t skimp on the wow factor! Create a foundation, with beautiful wallpaper and eye catching color, that can host a change of theme down the road.

Kindly ~ Michelle


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