3 Tips for a Kid Friendly Room

3 Tips for a Kid Friendly Room

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A few posts back we spoke about 5 helpful tips to create a pet friendly home. I hope you found the tips helpful? From flooring and fabrics to function and finishing touches, we covered them all. When designing a durable and livable home we consider what is going to cause the most wear and tear. We know pets are on the list, but as a Mom of 3, I can tell you that kids are at the top of that list. A kid friendly house is a livable home, so, let’s cover some tips on creating a home that will withstand the unavoidable messes our precious children leave in the wake of their daily activities.


When choosing paint for a kid friendly room, think safety first. We may not envision our kids licking their walls, but you never know! When choosing a safe paint, ask for a water-based product. It should contain zero volatile organic compounds. Consider asking for a paint that does not require a primer, these will carry less chemicals. Benjamin Moore offers a paint that is certified asthma and allergy friendly, called Natura.

Screen Shot 2018 07 02 At 2.33.26 Pm

Some inspiration from the Natura Paint Collection…

Kids Article2 Beyongpale

Kids Article1 Balancingbrights


Fabric is the personality of a space. It brings life to a room and becomes the focal point of the overall style. I have spoken about durable fabrics in the form of indoor/outdoor fabric and how stylish they have become over the years. But if you’re looking for something beyond classic stripes and subtle prints, something a little more playful, I’ve got you covered. No pun intended. 🙂

This adorable playroom was designed by Susana Chango from Chango & Co. Perennials fabric was used on the gray floor cushions and I’m willing to bet they will withstand the rowdiest playdates.

Screen Shot 2018 07 02 At 1.54.50 Pm

via Domino Magazine

Let the Perennials magic continue, with these super fun prints. The perfect addition to a kids room looking for a little touch of WOW!

Untitled Design

Stones – Hotsy Totsy | Splat – Sugar Snap | Swish – French Lilac | Scribbles – Hotsy Totsy

Lulu DK’s indoor/outdoor collection, Portofino, is available through Duralee and has some bright and fun options.

Untitled Design (1)

Harlow – Pink Lemonade | Lucia – Lemon | Anguilla – Raspberry | Haven – Green


Opt for sweet, yet durable pieces. A great place to start is considering the finishes. Polyurethane finish is one of the best choices, it provides unparalleled durability and is also water resistant.

I love these darling bistro chairs from Pottery Barn. The chairs are wood kiln dried for added strength and sealed with a coat of lacquer for that extra step of durability.

Bistro Play Chair Simply White O

Pottery Barn Bistro Play Chair

Pottery Barn continues to shine with their beds. This one in particular is checking all the durability boxes including the multi-step finish process, using a child-safe, water-based paint.

Fillmore Stair Loft Bed O

Fillmore Stair Loft Bed

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