Ready For The New Year

Ready For The New Year

Well the new year is here and if you’re like me as the Christmas decorations came down and were put away, your mind started brainstorming a list of ideas to organize and spruce up the rooms in your home. It can be overwhelming to try and tackle too many rooms at once. So, Here’s my best advice in how to get started.


First, go through one room at time and get rid of items you don’t want, need or use (closets especially).  You’ll be amazed at how many things you have and don’t really use.  Once you’ve cleared the clutter you can organize the space very efficiently.  I recommend browsing a website or blog on organizing. Yes, there’s plenty out there.  Here’s one that has a very helpful post about how to get started, then tips and resources for storage bins, tags, labels and many more.

Now that you’re clutter free and organized grab a pad of paper and a pen and make a list of your rooms that you’d like to give a fresh look to for the year.  Is it ready for a simple makeover? A few fresh pillows, candles and a new room fragrance can make a world of difference. If your time is limited and your budget small then try adding these few items and even try re-arranging your picture frames and accessories. Add a pop of color where you can to rid the dreaded January blues!

Holding color shade cardsOr, if you’re really inspired and ready for a bigger project then grab some paint swatches and get to work.  Benjamin Moore is my “go to” for great colors both subdued and vibrant. Check out their Color Trends for 2014.

I will however, give you my best advice regarding paint colors.  Always, Always, Always bring home the paint swatch and put it up on wall of the room you are going to paint.  A swatch in the store will look very different than it does in your room.

Last, Finish off your room with some updated photographs, or go back through older photographs that are sentimental and swap them out in frames around your room.  It will put the finishing touch on your refreshed room and  most of all make you smile!





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