Styling your Powder Room in 3 Easy Steps

Styling your Powder Room in 3 Easy Steps

How to freshen up your powder room in one weekend. Are you looking to freshen up your powder room before you start welcoming guests back into your home? Well, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 in one weekend! Follow these 3 steps to give your powder room a fresh makeover.
1 – Do an inventory count.

Lay out the accessories and bathroom essentials you already have. These could be items you currently have in your bathroom, or you may have other items laying around the house that need a new home.

2 – Essentials first.

The bathroom needs to be a functional space, so think about the items you need before you begin styling. Bathroom essentials include – hand soap, hand towel, trash can, tissues, storage for extra toilet paper, air freshener, mirror etc.

3 – Time to style.

Using the items you already took inventory of, or a quick run to your favorite home decor store (don’t forget your mask!), now you can begin the fun stuff. My favorite styling pieces include a candle, a pretty vase with fresh flowers or greenery and an accessory or two. Other items you can include are decorative pieces that double as decor and storage, a picture frame for a personal touch, artwork or a statement piece. 

Enjoy welcoming those guests back into your home! I know I will.


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