Sofa Cushion 101 – Which Cushion Is the best fit for you?

Sofa Cushion 101 – Which Cushion Is the best fit for you?

If you are planning on investing in a sofa that will last then there are a few things to consider – fabric color/texture aside. One of the most important features to consider is the cushions. Depending on the comfort and support level, there are many different cushion types. It sounds like this will make the sofa search a lot more challenging than it already is, but really it makes is quite simple. Once you know the type of cushion you want to go with, your search will be narrowed to where you can find the perfect fabric.

Let’s talk sofa seat cushions-

If you are planning on custom ordering, then your decision process just got a little easier. Depending on the manufacturer, you can pick your favorite sofa and choose from a number of different cushion types.

1. Very soft. Loose-fitting, relaxed cushion. Shows comfort wrinkles – 2. Premium cushion. Feels luxurious with down-like softness – 3. Overstuffed look. Feels like a cloud. Down-like appearance – 4. Overstuffed look. Resilient support. Rich, soft down comfort – 5. Premium cushion. Feels supportive, yet has down-like softness – 6. Firm, supportive cushion. Rich soft down comfort – 7. Firm support with tailored appearance. Holds shape.
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Most common seat cushion filling-

Down, innerspring, foam and memory foam. Depending on the company, you may hear different names for the filling type. Name aside, the most important thing to remember is ASK about the comfort level, what will it feel like when you sit on the sofa and what will the fill type do to the upholstery after you get off.

Feather fill for an easy comfort and is very popular for a more lived-in look, it is also on the higher price end. If you want a very relaxed look, a very soft down or feather fill will give the upholstery a loose fitting look that shows wrinkles (a popular look for coastal homes). Foam and memory foam fill will appear overstuffed, holds its shape and has a very tailored look. There are cushions fill types that are a blend of the two – like foam wrapped in down a feather/down blend which gives a not so over-stuffed look but holds its form.

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Important information to consider and ask a professional:

Comfort and support, construction and content, and maintenance. If you are worried about allergies – ask for hypoallergenic options (there are many out there!)

Do you have any questions about cushion fills? Ask away and we’ll get them answered!


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