Design Philosophy Meets Interior Design Trends of 2023

Design Philosophy Meets Interior Design Trends of 2023

Beauty That Endures. Luxe Made Livable.

Our design philosophy is all about creating stylish interiors for busy people looking to live well. We’ve dedicated decades to perfecting the balance of beauty and utility. We create spaces that are meant to be lived in. Our goal is to leave our clients with a beautiful, comfortable space that’s ready for the extraordinary challenges of everyday living. And last but not least, our design foundation is creating a design experience that offers the best in comfortable style and technical execution.

Michelleyorke Christensen 5
Issaquah Modern Family | A stylish space with classy furnishings that keep a vibrant, inviting vibe flowing through the family home.

What does our design philosophy have to do with this year’s design trends? Well, let’s talk about that…

There is a trend that goes beyond new furniture style, color palettes, textures and all that. People are looking for a new mood in their home. For instance, we see client’s searching for homes that provide comfort, feel casual and are easy to live in (without losing the luxury). Likewise, I include myself in the many people who are searching for a home that evokes positivity and things that make me (and my family) feel happy.

Sammamish Wa Living Room Fireplace
Sammamish Coastal | A tailored space with sophistication and comfort – great for conversation.

There is a demand for spaces that are furnished for casual intimacy, spaces that are approachable and easy to entertain in. In short, spaces that invite guests to put their feet up and feel at home.

Living Room Furnishings Michelle Yorke Design
Sammamish Coastal | A great room for great relaxation with the family, or dressed up and laid back entertaining

Casual, comfort, easy doesn’t mean you have to rid your home of style and luxury. We’re just seeing looks that go from sophisticated to more of a relaxed sophistication look. Luxury, multi-purpose furnishings with finishes that are made for wear and tear.

Bellevue Ny Living Room Interior Design
Bellevue Penthouse | Pretty fabrics with a pretty awesome durability scale. Modern accents bring life and make for an easy to change look

We aspire to creating homes that are beautiful and comforting, luxurious and relaxed. Above all, we aspire to create homes that will last a lifetime. Yes, our design philosophy ticks the 2023 trend boxes but it won’t go out of style for us!

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