RENOVATION TRENDS: The Craft (or Hobby) Room

RENOVATION TRENDS: The Craft (or Hobby) Room

A home renovation or room addition trend that soared over this past year was a hobby room – or craft room. With all of the extra time at home people were able to reset and reflect on the things that make them happy, things that keep them busy and things that help them relax and unwind. For many, it was a space to create or revive their creativity – a space they could escape to and be inspired in. 

We had a request to create a space that did just that! During the initial design phase, we discovered what the most important elements are to designing a craft room that is functional (and fun!) Those elements came together to create a space that gave our client room to work and lay out their supplies, plenty or room to store those supplies and the right amount of style to keep them inspired. 

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Issaquah Modern Family | The Craft Room

Let’s discuss the elements:

Storage – One of the biggest issues when renovating a space to turn into a craft room is storage. No matter the craft or hobby, supplies are a necessity. There are many ways to ensure you have enough storage, whether the space is big or small, you just need to be… well… creative!

Space – If you don’t have space to layout your work along with your supplies, crafting can quickly become a chore. Inspiration needs room to grow, so designing a craft room with enough space to have enough room is a priority.

Style – Function is a must, yes, but so is style. It’s hard to get inspired in a room without things like – natural lighting, color, or something beautiful to look at. Creativity is its own version of style, after all. 

We almost forgot – if your home is not quite spacious enough to renovate or repurpose another room, then a multi-purpose room is a great solution. Side note: Multi-purpose rooms were another huge trend this past year! We love how this laundry room was re-imagined to include a quaint craft space.


Happy renovating, repurposing and re-imagining! Happy crafting!

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  • evelyn colvin
    | 15 August 2021

    There are really affordable ways you can make your home look like something out of a home decor magazine. Thank you for sharing!

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