Ready to commit to wallpaper? Here are 3 tips to get you started…

Ready to commit to wallpaper? Here are 3 tips to get you started…

Decorating with wallpaper can be quite a commitment, but if you’re ready for a bold change (the kind paint won’t do), then wallpaper can definitely be worth the investment. Wallpaper can bring warmth and detail to a space with texture and a combination of colors. 

If you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone but don’t know where to start – here are some design tips you may find helpful. 

A great introduction to wallpaper is to go with a more subtle look in a small space, like a powder room. Grasscloth is without skimping on the visual interest – a texture grasscloth never goes out of style.

If you’d rather go easy on the color but still want the wow factor – create an impact wall with a grand pattern in neutral tones. We chose a Chinois print to add a chic, whimsical touch to this dining room.

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Lake Sammamish Waterfront

Stick with the overall design of your home by going with a print that accents your style. We incorporated a dramatic stripe with wainscoting to tie in with this traditional hallway. 

Pro tip from a master of wallpaper, Martyn Lawrence Bullard – “The only place where I think a painted wall looks better than wallpaper is in a room where you have a lot of pattern already,” says Bullard. “If you have a printed sofa or curtains, then a wallpaper with too strong of a print will more than likely clash. You should let one or the other be the star of the space.” – Marten


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