Luxe made livable spaces for your lovable pets…

Luxe made livable spaces for your lovable pets…

Custom cabinetry is a wonderful choice in a kitchen, mud room, laundry room (any room) renovation. Why? Function being the leading reason. When you go the custom cabinetry route, you get the chance to take into account how a custom look best suits your daily life. How much storage do you need and where do you need that storage most? Where will the dog sleep and where will the dishes go? Yes, we said it! If pets are a part of the family in your home, I suggest taking their daily life into account too. 🙂 

So, let’s talk about incorporating your pet’s needs into your custom cabinetry! There are so many fun ideas about where to hide the bed and how to raise the dishes for easy eating (because that matters too!), we’re going to share some of our favorite ways to create a functioning, less cluttered space for your pet without taking away from the overall design of your home.

Built-in Beds

Say goodbye to those floating dog beds and give them a space all of their own. It’s true, pets find comfort in routine, so why not provide a comforting space for them to relax and retreat to. Whether it’s a built into a mudroom, office, or even the kitchen. There are so many stylish and functioning options out there.

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How about this darling trio in their stylish built-in bed! We love how Three French Mafia created a space that is beautifully incorporated into the cabinetry.
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Fit for a furry king or queen! Sherry Hart ticked all boxes when it comes to creating a stylish and multi functioning space – down to the detail of a doggy door that is seamlessly integrated into the glass door!

Built-In Dining

No more stepping over food and water bowls! Incorporating a food and water station is a great way to keep things clean and stylish when it comes to dinner time. There are a few ways you can achieve this, but we love the idea of integrating the station into a kitchen island.

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Function meets designer style with this pet food and water station. @michellehorvathomes
Screen Shot 2022 06 22 At 9.41.00 Am
This kitchen (and its beautiful waterfall style island) did not lose its luxe look by incorporating a pet dining station into the end of the island. We love this look – so much! Gorgeous design by HW Interiors


Gates are a great way to keep the muddy pets in a space to get cleaned off before getting that sofa dirty. And what about those guests who might not be the biggest fan of furry friends – a gate is a great option to keep them at bay. We love the Hide-A-Gate. It is a sturdy and retractable pocket gate…and definitely not an eye sore.

See it in action:

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a great way to bring function without taking away from the overall design of your home.

Screen Shot 2022 06 28 At 9.52.32 Am
Alexis Pearl Design created a perfect pocket door design in a gorgeous home, you would almost want to leave the gate closed! Alexis Pearl Design


From mudroom, laundry room, kennel to grooming – and to all of the above. As we all know, multi-functioning spaces are trending right now in the design world. What better space to incorporate your pet’s daily lifestyle than a mud/laundry room. And really, don’t skimp on the style. 🙂

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Luxe Interiors + Design | Designer: Cassy Kicklighter Poole, Kaleidoscope Design | Architect: Jim Mitchell, Mitchell Architecture | Builder: Thomas Becher | Photo: Kimberly Gavin
Screen Shot 2022 06 15 At 10.14.07 Am 1
Beyond a multi-functioning space, @brunoandlibby created a beautiful space with subway tile, an oversized herringbone pattern tile floor and classic shiplap. Yes, we love a great use of tile!

Are you ready to get your pets cozy and incorporate a special space for them in your home? Let’s talk about customizing that space!


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