A New Time of Home Renovation…

A New Time of Home Renovation…

Post pandemic home renovations are proving to be difficult – with lack of labor, material shortage, back ordered products and the list goes on. 

I recently read an article in House Beautiful that resonates with me as an interior designer and my work at the time…and I’m sure it could be useful for a homeowner like yourself. The articles addresses 4 questions:

Will you get insanely delayed? Might you blow the budget? Could there be a labor shortage? Will you regret everything? 


Will there be delays?

I’d like to offer some insight as a designer and how these potential road blocks can (and even are) effect the process of a home renovation. Having patience on a regular renovation timeline can be tough, I get it, but patience is the first step when taking on a home renovation these days – for both the design team and the homeowner. As quoted in the article:

What was once an eight-week process can now take 16 (or even 30) weeks as local municipalities struggle to keep up with a surge in demand.”

says Contractor Brad Leavitt, president and founder of A Finer Touch Construction.

What does this do to my budget?

There are multitude of reasons why home renovations are on the rise, this is a huge factor to consider before taking on the home renovation of your dreams. With an increased cost in labor, building materials – like wood, tile, steel – and over all demand in housing, your budget will most likely be effected. However, with a reasonable budget and a thoughtful renovation plan, you can add enough value to your home to make it worth the expense in the long run. 

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Where are the tradespeople?

As I designer, I can confirm that projects are taking longer than the standard home reno timeline. Clients have spent a lot more time at home during the pandemic, giving a wonderful opportunity to dream up a new space. Designers and architects alike have experience an influx of clients (of which we are so grateful for), in turn our tradespeople are taking on an extra workload which puts a temporary halt on certain stages of a project. To top it all off, there is a decreased number of workers in the field. So, yes, there is definitely a labor shortage. Once again, patience is the first step!

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No regrets!

Despite all of this, there is light at the end of the tunnel. No regrets! The common renovations clients are taking on right now are consistent, which takes these changes past trends and more of an increased home value outlook. The common theme in renovations are flexibility and functionality. Who doesn’t want that in a home!? Experts foresee housing and building prices to only increase over the next few years, which makes a home renovation – right now – a smart investment. 

Bonus: Best Tips

  1. Patience, patience and more patience!
  2. Plan for plenty of time
  3. Ask about the lead times on products and the lead times of your trades or sub contractors. If you know what to expect then you will be much more relaxed and the process and project will not be as stressful.
  4. Review your details and bids thoroughly. Again, know what to expect or what you are getting.

LET’S TALK about the next steps to taking on a home renovation, despite the possible delays.

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