How do you create a guest room when you have no room?

How do you create a guest room when you have no room?

I heard your requests for more home renovation tips, knowledge and ideas, so I’m here to answer them! Starting with the second most popular room in 2022’s that received the most attention when it comes to renovation and updates (Yes, the kitchen was number one!). Whether they were small decorative changes, or entire walls knocked down – the guest room was a priority.

I know we keep talking about the pandemic and how it changed our lives, but it truly did change the way of life at home. Personally, I had time to ponder what was most important to me and what I wanted more of. It was clear – family and friends. I wanted to see more of them and spend more time with them. So, naturally creating spaces with more function to the home was an idea I could relate to.

Designers heard from clients with homes large and small, all asking for a way to incorporate a welcoming space for guests to feel at home. A space they could feel was truly made just for them. In a large home, there is the option to turn one large room into two with ample space to add guest room and even an en-suite. But in smaller homes, we had to get a little bit creative (which is always the fun part for me!) There are two, quite obvious, ways you can create a very comfortable, welcoming and stylish space. Let’s talk about them!

Murphy Bed

Install a Murphy Bed in the office or bonus room. Consider what the space will look like when the bed is pulled out and decorate around it. This bed from Breda Beds is the perfect example of creating a guest space with little to no space. I love the additional space above the headboard, perfect for a touch of decor and a space for necessities. A Murphy Bed unit that offers storage for guest’s clothes is such a bonus!

Murphy bed over a petite sectional sofa – genius!

The Modbarn has a wonderful selection of modern and contemporary murphy bed designs. Even the chicest, most luxurious little space can hide a bed!

Sleeper Sofa

A no brainer! A comfortable sleeper sofa (or pull-out couch 😊) is always a win. Once again, consider what the space will look like when your guests are settling in. Read this super informative article from HGTV all about sleeper sofas!

Whatever form of sleeping arrangement you go with, make sure your guests always have:

  • Comfortable bedding (a stylish set gives an extra touch of a space created just for them)
  • A table/surface to put a glass of water and necessities
  • A lamp for reading and cozy lighting
  • An outlet nearby for a phone charger
  • A space to tuck their suitcase and other belongings – even it’s a stool or an accent chair

Are you ready to get hosting? Let’s talk about creating that space in your home. Contact us!


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