Top Home Styling Trends in 2021

Top Home Styling Trends in 2021

2021 brought with it some fun and easy to incorporate home styling trends. Keeping up with design trends can be exhausting and spendy, but it doesn’t have to be! Take advantage of a design professionals tried and true tips on how to make your space pop with the current trends without doing a complete redecorating project. 

Mixing textures

We are seeing layers upon layers of varying textures to create a dynamic look. Think layering rugs, cement on raw wood, chunky knits on small-scale woven (or even velvet) upholstery. This look can be achieved by simply adding a patterned rug on top of a textured sisal or jute rug, a metal sculpture on a wood surface, or wooden beads in a ceramic bowl. 

Michelle Yorke Living Room Accessories 445x667 1
Our Issaquah Modern Family Great Room says it all – Raw wood console table & ceramic lamps. Textured upholstery with wood accents. Stacked stone fireplace with a wood mantle.
Living Room Design Michelle Yorke Interior Design Issaquah Wa
Issaquah Modern Family great room – upholstered chairs with wood accent frame. Layers of varying texture in throw pillows (mix up the patterns while you’re there!). The velvet cocktail ottoman was a favorite element!


I love incorporating greenery into the spaces I design. Whether it be faux plants or the real deal. What’s really popping are more luxurious and rich shades of green, like deep sages and emeralds. Plants are an easy way to add some bursts of green into your home, but a quick trip to your favorite home decor store or a little internet browsing can get you inspired. Accent pillows and throws (hint: velvet pillows and a knit throw), artwork or accessories are all easy ways to add the green shade trend in your home.

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We went bold with a velvet textured upholstered seat on these dining chairs in our Cascade Mountain Home dining space. We also added green throw pillows on the sectional to tie it all together.
Michelle Yorke Interior Design Bellevue Wa
Cascade Mountain Home – splashes of a rich green with accent pillows


Stay with the color trend, and keeping it earthy, comes shades of brown. Brown is a great way to add warmth to a room – it can be done with pieces of wood furniture (I like to keep it natural), accent furniture upholstered in leather, or textured accents.

Michelle Yorke Living Room Interior Design Snohomish Wa
We incorporated brown leather with 2 chairs in our Echo Lake Modern great room, accented with wood end tables and a splash of brown in the tray. (hint: are you seeing the mixing of textures trend happening here?)
Screen Shot 2020 11 30 At 3.35.04 Pm
Echo Lake Modern – wood is one of my favorite ways to incorporate brown…not to mention the most natural way.

Raw Stone

Think rough and not quite so lustrous as a finished granite. Think travertine! If you’re looking for fancy vocabulary when asking a professional – request a honed finish. Honing is a technique that removes the reflective surface, or shine, from natural stone. I love seeing large pieces of raw stone used in a living space – like a coffee table or entry table.

Michelle Yorke Foyer Table Staircase Interior Design
A stone top entry table with a solid wood base in the entry of our Echo Lake Modern home.

Travertine Rectangular Coffee Table Stainless Steel O
This travertine coffee table from Williams Sonoma is quite a statement piece – and the perfect way to add a raw stone wow factor to your living room.

All in all, if you’re following the design trends of 2021 – natural and earthy is the consistent look throughout interiors. I’m a huge fan, because truly, au naturale never goes out of style in my book. 

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