Should I incorporate 2022’s trends into my home?

Should I incorporate 2022’s trends into my home?

As we do every year, we ring in a new year and welcome new trends. As an Interior Designer, I often get asked the question – “Should I incorporate this year’s trends into my home?” Do you love the Pantone Color of the Year or can’t get enough of that new look of layers and layers of textile texture? Well, you can subtly incorporate those trends into your home. However, you do not need to invest in a new sofa and you do not need to rethink your major design choices!

Firstly, think about all of those little things that pull a room together – like pillows, lighting and accent furniture. These are easy, budget-friendly ways you can incorporate the trends without taking over your style or revamping an entire space in your home.

6 easy ways you can include some trends into your home without committing to a complete design update.

My top 3 favorite trends of the year:

Tapestry and Nostalgia

For instance, the antique tapestry look or nostalgic floral print can be brought in with wall art or throw pillows. Yes, there is no need to wallpaper the entire powder bathroom.

Touches of Marble

The marble look is achievable without replacing your vanity backsplash or bathroom counter top. Add a lamp with a marble base, or a side table with a marble top.

Arches and Curves

Finally, furniture silhouettes are being taken over by arches and curves. Don’t buy a new sofa! Make a statement by adding a light fixture or mirror to embrace this trend.

Have you been inspired? We’d love to hear how you are planning on incorporating 2022’s trends into your home!


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