Self-Care Series: My top 3 must-do’s and must-have’s

Self-Care Series: My top 3 must-do’s and must-have’s

Hi All!

We are well into another month and it’s time for another Self-Care boost. What are you doing to take care of you? If you don’t have an answer or you need a little bit of inspiration, here are my Top 3 must-do’s to take care of me.

Schedule your self-care time! And the most important part…don’t cancel on yourself! It is so natural for us to go out of our way for others, while putting ourselves on the back burner. We cannot fully be there for others if we aren’t fully there for ourselves. Use this time to recharge your batteries, or prepare yourself for the day ahead. There are no rules or guidelines, this is a time to do what promotes your happiness and health. And that can be anything from daily devotions and yoga, soaking in the bath with a good book, or simply sipping a cup of coffee in a quiet space.

Self-care must-haves:

Untitled 3

My favorite devotional app, FIRST5 | There is nothing like a french press for one, Williams Sonoma | Go all out for your self with LUSH beauty products


Take care of your body and your brain, starting with what you put in your body. Eating a healthy diet is more than looking good. It gives us the physical energy we need to stay active and the mental boost we need to keep our minds alert, not to mention the positive long-term effects. If you don’t know where you start and find a change in diet quite daunting, find a good book for a boost of inspiration. There are so many out there!

Best sellers and must-have books:

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Genius Foods by Max Lugavere | Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston | The Whole30 Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig


Exercise! You saw that one coming, didn’t you? Taking care of yourself physically can boost your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. It’s not always easy to make it to Orange Theory or your favorite barre class, so add a simple home workout to your end of day routine. Or, simply take the stairs and choose the parking spot farthest from the grocery store. Every step counts!


My workout must-haves:

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The not so gym looking gym bag from LululemonThe Apple Watch, of course | S’well water bottle in a chic ombré finish


Now, open up that daily planner and put your self-care time in ink.


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