Self-Care Series: Creating a spa bathroom

Self-Care Series: Creating a spa bathroom

The word SELF can easily be seen as selfish or self indulgent but caring for your “self” is one of the healthiest things you can do! Trust me, as a busy working mom running my household and my company can be way too much and overwhelming.  I speak from experience and learned the hard lessons of not caring for myself and making that a priority.

There is nothing like a good day at the spa to focus on relaxing the body and mind. But who has time for a spa day? Don’t let that be an excuse! Here are a few tips to create a spa-like experience in your own bathroom.

A relaxing soak in the bath is the perfect place to begin your self-care spa day (or evening). Don’t forget the bubbles! A calming scented bubble bath or bath bomb can boost mental relaxation – like, lavender or vanilla.

Belvedere Bathtub Design


Palm Spring Bathtub Detail

Palm Springs Modern

Not a bath taker? Then indulge in a shower that has all the bells and whistles. Choose your favorite body wash Or fragranced soap.

Belvedere Wa Shower Design


Cascade Mountain Home Master Bathroom Interior Design

Cascade Mountain Home

After the soak, let the special treatment continue at the vanity for an invigorating skin treatment. There are so many fantastic products out there. Begin your regiment with an exfoliator to cleanse and liven up your skin, prepping it for a protective serum and moisturizer.

Grand Ridge Master Bathroom Interior Design

Grand Ridge

Greenery is an easy and natural way to bring tranquility to a room. Place some fresh flowers or a plant in a glass or ceramic vase to add a decorative touch.

Lincoln Tower Bellevue Bathroom Interior Design

Lincoln Tower High Rise

Finally, if you’re in need of quiet time outside of the bathroom, find a quiet space for reading or a yoga session.

Bellevue Belvedere Living Room Design


Enjoy yourself and stay tuned for the next Self Care Series post to read all about my favorite spa treatment products and bathroom decor.


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