Life Goes on During a Seattle Remodel: 5 Tips to Thrive not just Survive

Life Goes on During a Seattle Remodel: 5 Tips to Thrive not just Survive

When it comes to remodeling—the kitchen can be one of the most rewarding projects.

It’s the heart of the home, the space where family gathers for meal prep, dining, end of the day catch up, and homework. The kitchen is the space where visitors naturally gravitate towards, so it truly is the centerpiece of the home. 

Embarking on the renovation road is a commitment worth making. When tackling a remodel, homeowners will spend most of their time finding the right contractor, picking out a seemingly endless list of materials, surfaces, lighting, appliances, etc.

But life goes on, so you’ll need a plan of how you and your family will deal with everyday life as well. If it’s not possible for you to move out during the remodel, it’s time to start planning.

Here are a couple of helpful tips to take into consideration:

1. Plan ahead for everyday life

Create a temporary kitchen if it’s a kitchen remodel. Create a zone, thinking through how daily life will still happen during the remodel.

Where will you come in and go out? Where do items get placed in your temporary lifestyle change? You are basically planning ahead to keep your sanity as much as possible. 

2. Project organization

Have all of your designs done and materials selected and ordered ahead of time so when the work starts all products are on-site and the timeline can go as smoothly as possible. 

3. Communicate with your contractors

Ask for timelines so you know what to expect but have patience and know that things come up and delays happen during a remodel. Ask questions about the daily clean up and dust control efforts.

Most contractors will do their best to keep the areas of construction closed off from the rest of the house to keep the dust and mess controlled as much as possible.  

4. Keep the vision in sight

Keep your vision board or rendering of the remodeled space somewhere where you can see it daily, like your temporary refrigerator or your bathroom mirror.

This will help you keep the end result in mind during moments of potential frustration. 

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5. Plan for fun

Take advantage of the limited use of your home and plan for local outings, day adventures or even a staycation!

During a major remodel, some of the happiest homeowners are those that spent time completely out of the house.  

One more thing…

Gratitude. Show your gratitude to the tradespeople and contractors throughout the project. Treat them to a box of doughnuts, offer to make a coffee run, order some pizzas for lunch, or leave a note to say thanks!

Your expressed gratitude not only makes them feel appreciated and that their work matters but also helps you stay positive and thankful throughout the mess and mayhem! 

I hope you’re feeling ready to take on that remodel! Contact us to get started.


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