Performance Fabrics: All you need to know!

Performance Fabrics: All you need to know!

As a Mom of 3 – or 5 if you count the fur babies (which I do!), one of the biggest challenges I face in my home is keeping the furniture looking fresh and clean. This can prove to be quite impossible as spills and stains are almost always bound to happen. How do I keep myself from going crazy over these messes? Performance Fabrics! If you haven’t been introduced to these textiles, or maybe you have yet to decipher what makes these textiles different from the others, I’m here to help! What is a performance fabric? What are the best features of performance fabrics? What makes them durable? And what to look for when choosing? Here are your answers:

Performance fabric is a fabric specifically designed to withstand wear and tear, prevent soil and stains while being easy to clean. Its greatest qualities being: Durability and easy care. And not too long ago, it added style to its repertoire. These fabrics were initially designed for the marine industry and outdoor-only use. Gone are those days! Performance fabrics can now be ideal choices for luxury homes with high traffic – otherwise known as kids and pets.

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More fur, please! | Perennials Fabrics | @susancarlsoninteriors

Performance fabrics go through multiple tests to prove their durability and high-quality performance in all environments – exposure to water and an extensive amount of direct sunlight. The fabrics have a feature designed into the fiber, as opposed to a spray-on finish, which has proven to have a higher resistance to color fading and a break down of strength.

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More sun, please! | Perennials Fabrics | @ferguson_home

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Be the host who makes everybody feel at home, messes and all! | @sunbrella

One of the greatest features of performance fabrics in this day and age is the fact that you can’t tell the difference against a regular upholstery weight fabric. However, that does make it slightly more challenging when shopping for it. Here is a good way to “spot” the difference:

Screen Shot 2019 03 26 At 4.07.52 Pm


Thibaut is one of my go-to fabric manufacturers. They have an extensive selection of performance fabrics – from beautiful prints, lush textures and basic neutrals.

Beatrix 434

The Beatrix Pattern is a go-with-everything texture. | Thibaut

Screen Shot 2019 04 05 At 11.51.04 Am

Another one of my favs | Perennials | @interiorsbynicoleg

  • Look for words like – 100% polyester or 100% acrylic, UV protection, water and stain resistant.
  • Check the “double-rub count.” Double-rub count refers to the durability of a type of fabric. The double-rub testing method uses a special machine that passes a testing pad back and forth over the fabric until it is worn out. Each back and forth pass is known as a double-rub. You want to look for a double-rub count of 20,000 or more.
  • Think Performance Fiber rather than Performance Finish.
  • When all else fails,  indoor-outdoor is all you need to ask!

This handy reference guide from Kravet  (also a “Go To” of  mine) will help you tick all the boxes!

Screen Shot 2019 03 26 At 3.45.49 Pm


Here is a look at how performance fabrics were used in our luxe Lake Shammamish Waterfront project.

Lake Sammamish Waterfront Living Room Chair Design

Thibaut for Crypton Home Fabric

Lake Sammamish Waterfront Dining Room Design

Kravet for Crypton Home Fabric

Lake Sammamish Waterfront Fireplace Design

Kravet for Crypton Home Fabric


Learn more about Crypton Home Fabric

I hope this post helps all of the busy households out there!


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