MY Design Style; Perfectly (Imperfect) Rustic, English Farmhouse

MY Design Style; Perfectly (Imperfect) Rustic, English Farmhouse

Welcome to today’s blog post! I’m talking all things design style. What’s your design style? Do You know? Does it have to be just one style? What if I like elements of different design styles? How do you blend them together so they look good?

These are all questions I get asked often! I have good news, There are many design styles and you can easily mix elements of more than one style to create your own unique look. It does take some finessing. This is where an interior designer can be very helpful to assist you in pulling together your design style and aesthetic for your home.

As you know, I am in the process of building my own home right now. Which is very fun and exciting! I’m enjoying every minutes of it. Although I will share with you that I scoured many images, fabrics, paint colors, and wood finishes as I was creating my look, my design style. I’ve tweaked it a bit here and there, which is a nice way of saying I changed my mind on my own project….several times! 🙂

I’ve been asked many times, “What is the style of your home”? And here is my style reveal…..I’m calling it My perfectly (imperfect) rustic, english farmhouse! That is a lot of descriptive words in my style. I’ll break it down for you.

Perfectly Imperfect:

Because nothing is perfect, life happens and is messy day to day. I want our home to be lovely, comfortable, durable, easy to care for, and welcoming for family and friends. Not fussy, but simplicity and well functioning spaces are always part of my design process! We are a family of 5 when our boys are home. And we have a fluffy, furry (aka sheds!), messy golden retriever. So life is messy but lived beautifully!

Rustic and Farmhouse:

Aren’t they the same thing? Not necessarily, rustic and farmhouse styles are similar, but where rustic is rougher and leans toward neutral hues, farmhouse favors whitewashing and more refined natural elements. Rustic elements are often characterized as cozy, warm, and inviting, featuring natural materials and elements reminiscent of nature and countryside living.


Why English? Because I am English, well not really…only by marriage, that counts doesn’t it? And two of my closest friends are British, so that definitely counts! At least that’s what I’m going with. I do love the history and design of english cottage and farmhouse homes.  English cottage decor radiates charm through floral prints, unassuming furniture, and relaxed, but dignified design. The style is also described as a classic and timeless interior design aesthetic that draws inspiration from the rural countryside of England.

english outdoor garden with outdoor patio sofa, gray cushions

Your design style should be carefully curated to fit you and your family! It should be the mix of what main style you are drawn to, then layering on elements of another style or details and finishes that create a well blended mix! Be sure to take our “What’s your Design Style Quiz”. Here’s the link.


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