Luxury Design with Performance Fabrics

Luxury Design with Performance Fabrics

The need for a comfortable, welcoming and stable environment was a driving force in what we sought for our homes this past year. Designers saw an influx of livable spaces with the long haul in mind. Clients wanted more durability when it came to design choices, more function and more comfort. 

If you know me, this is my signature design style. Luxe Made Livable and Durable Design. I believe in designing homes that are meant to be lived in – whether the client is a busy professional needing a place to kick up their feet at the end of the day, or a family with energetic kids and pets. 

There are a number of ways you can achieve a comfortable, durable and stable home. Let’s talk about those ways and the elements that go along with them.

Performance Fabrics

No homeowner wants to be on the edge of their seat worrying about the kid’s sticky fingers or a pet’s muddy paws on their stylish sofa. Performance fabrics are available in an endless selection of texture, tones and styles. (Design Tip: Don’t be fooled by the indoor-outdoor label! They are great choice for sofas and chairs) Don’t forget leather! A couple of my go-to’s are Sunbrella and Perennials. 

Most manufacturer’s are now offering performance fabric options when customizing an upholstered piece of furniture. Ready-made pieces with durable fabrics are also popular options in stores. One of the most well-known performance fabric companies is Sunbrella. They have great solids and textures for a timeless choice. They are also constantly releasing new, modern styles for more trendy looks.

A bonus element to indoor-outdoor, or performance, fabrics that you don’t often hear about is fade-resistant. If you have a sofa or chair that sits in a space that sees a lot of natural light, this is another great reason to go with a performance fabric. You don’t have to worry about choosing a light fabric anymore – you can now go with that darker pattern you love so much!

Another popular fabric manufacturer is Perennials. They have a wide variety of high end fabrics, as well as affordable options for any space in your home. 

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Perennials | Interiors: Robert Brown
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