Lighting Trends – Modern Style, Designer Fixtures

Lighting Trends – Modern Style, Designer Fixtures

Taking a look back over the last few months, we see a noticeable a style trend with lighting – modern design. If you are looking to renovate a space in your home and would like to pull in some of the latest trends – lighting is a great place to start. Lighting can be an investment, but it is also something that can be changed out in the long run without too much cost. What is modern style exactly? 

You will be able to pull modern out from style crowd by looking at a couple of features – strong and clean lines, natural colors and a little artistic flair. Going modern is a perfect choice for a simple uncluttered look.

Lighting – as with all functional design elements – needs serves a purpose, but we believe it needs to look good too.

Going bold with modern style and designing outside of the box with main light fixtures is also a favorite this year. In some spaces, light fixtures have become the star attraction. When a light fixture becomes the focal point, it sets the mood for the overall space. However, while having fun with statement lighting, it should also live cohesively with the other light fixtures in the room. Table lamps and floor lamps should accent your center attraction, whether it be pendants or an oversized chandelier.

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Arteriors – BERLIN BAUHAUS Collection

Going bold with modern style lighting doesn’t stop in the living/dining room! Today, kitchens and bathrooms are also getting some attention with bold and attractive lighting. First and foremost, functional lighting is key. When remodeling a kitchen, it can be easy to provide a shortage of lighting. Every kitchen needs functional lighting in a space where cooking and cleaning will be done – recessed fixtures, and track lighting are two great ways to put function forward. After you have your task lighting taken care of, then you can have some fun with chandeliers or pendants. The options are endless…

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Pure Salt Interiors nailed it with these gorgeous pendants. Just the right amount of bold!

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