(laundry) Gadgets that will make your day…

(laundry) Gadgets that will make your day…

Do I have your attention now?

When we think laundry, we think house work and to-do lists. Not everyone loves this chore, and understandably so, but there are a select few that do enjoy doing laundry (I’ve yet to meet that person). Anybody can can throw a load in the washer and dryer, hit start and carry on with their day…

…Then comes the laundry folding

This is where the chore side of things becomes real.Once again, there are those select few that enjoy it, in fact, some say they find it therapeutic. All the power to you! The majority of people I have met, this is one of the least favorite tasks when it comes to housework. Can there be a permanent check mark next to “fold laundry” on the to-do list? To the people who may have pondered this exact thought… get ready to have your mind blown! Queu the FoldiMate!

Laundry room appliance - folder

Courtesy of FoldiMate

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Go all out gadgets

How about a washing machine that with an adjustable cleaning cycle and a cycle that maintains clothing color and texture. A dryer with a steam treatment that remove stains, wrinkles, and odors. And one that can have your clothes washed in 15 minutes and dried in 14 minutes.

Kenmore Elite High Efficiency Washer And Steam 0714 S2 - laundry room appliance

Courtesy of Kenmore

Hand held steamer that removes germs and irons that flatten even the thickest materials. Last, but not least, the kids are going to love this one – an app that guides the rookie through the process of washing and drying. 

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A portable dryer for a rental house with no dryer, small space living, or laundry on the go. This fancy gadget solves a lot of dryer troubles! 

laundry room appliance portable dryer
Portable Clothes Dryer – Morus

Laundry Room Storage

There are few things more frustrating on laundry day than trying to work around oversized detergent bottles, the box of dryer sheets, the next load of dirty clothes basket and so the list goes on. The right storage will make a clutter-free work space in your laundry room for easy loading and folding.

Yamazaki Tower Rack And Organizer O 1
Tower Rack and Organizer – West Elm
Wall Mounted Laundry Drying Rack Xl
Wall-Mounted Laundry Drying Rack – Pottery Barn
Screen Shot 2023 08 21 At 10.45.02 Am 1
Laundry Sorter – Wayfair

It’s the little things

There are those little nagging details that cause an eye roll or add a touch of frustration when visiting the laundry room. The leaking detergent spout, and all that lint!

819uptgoyil. Ac Sl1500 2
Laundry Detergent Drip Catcher – Amazon

71 Znu0agol. Ac Sl1500
Magnetic Lint Bin, with lint brush and dryer balls – Amazon

Eye catching details, like matching jars or canisters with labels make a space so pleasing to be in. There truly is something so satisfying about neat, tidy, cohesive and so very stylish storage and display.

Il 1140xn.3593911740 H3di 1
Canisters with lids and labels – ETSY
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Inspo from Kaari Sommer – @thesommerhome

Happy Laundry Day!

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