How to Series-Using Mirror, Marble and Glass in a Backsplash

How to Series-Using Mirror, Marble and Glass in a Backsplash

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Today I’d like to share some insight on adding eye-catching personality to a wall with mirror and glass tile. From backsplashes to accent walls, mirror and glass tile can be incorporated into so many spaces to add a unique and stylish look. Not to mention one of a kind!

One of my favorite characteristics about these two tiles is its durability. Yes! This luxe tile is not only pretty, but also durable and easy-to-clean. This is why I specifically love to incorporate these elements into bathrooms and kitchens. Beyond function, mirror and glass tile brighten up a room with reflective qualities and add the perfect amount of shine to an otherwise dull surface.

High End Kitchen Interior Design Bellevue Estate

Material sourced from United Tile

Our Eastside Estate kitchen remodel features backsplash feature with a mix of glass and antique mirror tile. For our Issaquah Kitchen, we created a sleek mosaic design with the combination of glass and marble tile. Why use it in the kitchen? It’s simple: Easy to wipe away splashes of grease and food!

Issaquah Kitchen Backsplash Design

In our Sammamish Lakefront Design & Build, we wanted to create a show-stopper powder room for our client’s guests to talk about. So, we selected a beautiful marble tile to create movement and a detail with the intricate mosaic details.

Sammamish Lakefront Powder Room Decor

Material sourced from Artistic Tile

The powder room in our Eastside Estate project is one of the favorites! A starburst design was created with a mix of mirrored glass tile and marble.

Eastside Estate Bellevue Bathroom Vanity Design


Bellevue Eastside Estate Bath Sink Design


Eastside Estate Bathroom Wall Decor

Material sourced from Artistic Tile



All in all, luxe is totally livable with the use of glass tile!


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