How to Series-Create an office you love

How to Series-Create an office you love

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The office is a space so many of us spend a lot of our time in. In fact, many people spend more hours in their office than they do at home. Quite a sobering stat, if you ask me. With all of this time away from home and the great outdoors, I think it is so important that we take the time to beautify our office and create a space that promotes productivity. Another fun fact, the more inspiring our work spaces are, the more productive we are. So, let’s kick this work week off with some ideas on how you can create an office that gets you inspired to be in and motivated to tackle that endless to-do list.

First impressions. Whether you are welcoming a client or just your lovely self on an early Monday morning, you want it to be a warm and inviting welcome. A welcome “mat” always adds warmth and texture. Fresh flowers or greenery add color and life to a space. I suggest taking time to do some research and pick an air purifying plant. Yes, they do exist!

Domino Photo Brittany Ambridge

domino | Photography: Brittany Ambridge

Let there be light! Lighting is crucial in any space, but particularly in the office. You need functional light to work without putting strain on your eyes, but mood lighting is always a good idea. Place a lamp in a dark spot of the room, or select the right bulb to go in that beautiful lamp you would love to replace the uninspiring task light. If you have the luxury of natural lighting, then open up those curtains and let it in!

Domino Photo Caitlyn Wilson

domino | Photography: Caitlyn Wilson

And the anchor of it all – the desk. Function is most important when it comes to your desk, but that doesn’t mean we have to comprise the beauty. In fact, the desk can often be the focal point of an office, so selecting something on the prettier side is suggested. There are so many beautiful options for desks, but if you’re looking for unique – consider shopping outside of the office category.

Domino Photo Lindsey Orton

domino | Photography: Lindsey Orton

Some of you may be saying, “But, Michelle, what about those of us who don’t have their own office to accomplish all of these stylish tips?” I’ve got your back! A few of these ideas may need to be run by your boss before fully committing! 

Personalize your desk with pictures in pretty frames. If your desk space allows – add a small lamp to bring in some of that mood lighting and greenery for a pop of color and breath of fresh air. When it comes to plants, stick with something on the low maintenance side, like a succulent. Change out your desk chair for something a little prettier, once again, run this by your boss. Decorative and stylish storage – down to the paper clip holder.

Domino Photo Michael Wiltbank

domino | Photography: Michael Wiltbank

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