Color Crush: Blissful Blue

Color Crush: Blissful Blue

It’s been quite some time since we shared a color we’re crushing on and we think it’s time to bring it back with a shade so refreshing, the words “Good Morning” come to mind. Valspar’s Blissful Blue – their 2021 Color of the Year – is just what we need to get a new month kicked off with a clean slate and a fresh outlook on the month ahead.

“Like a beautiful morning mist, this muted indigo taps into the naturally organic quality of this cozy blue.” – Sue Kim, Valspar® Color Marketing Manager

“Familiar shades of blue bring us a renewed sense of comfort and safety as we continue to embrace the idea of spending more time at home and loving where we live.”

Blues also bring a sense of vibrancy with them – a great energy to welcome back life as we remember it before a pandemic. Things may still be tough and uncertain, but there is light on the horizon and Blissful Blue is the perfect shade. And here are pieces that have us feeling simply blissful –

What color are you crushing on this month?


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