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5 Ways to Make a Small Space More Spacious

Do you have that one space in your home that seems to be closing in on you? I certainly do! And over the many years of working as an interior designer, I have worked with many clients who can relate to that one small space. 

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How to Fall for your patio

Happy Fall! Can anyone out there agree with me that Fall is a most wonderful time of year? The chill seems to make everyone a little more cheerful. The temps are cooling down, throws are always a good idea, pumpkin spice everything, and orange is everyone’s favorite color. The trends are changing with the season, so it’s a great time to make some changes around the house – or in front.

Last week we spoke about how to create a warm welcome for the busy woman, today we’re talking about creating a warm Fall welcome on your front porch. Here is some insight on the season’s trends and some ideas on how to bring them home. If you’re not into following trends, you really can’t beat traditional seasonal decor that simple never goes out of style. Let’s get straight to it!   Read More


Design Tips-Kitchen lighting

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Lighting can have an affect on your mood, it can transform the atmosphere of a space and it can add varying elements to the overall design – to name just a few. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home to select the right lighting. It is a space in the home that gets the most use with different tasks at different times of the day. Of course, you have cooking, but there is also eating, entertaining and displaying to think about. So, layered lighting is crucial.

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Summer Living – How to create easy backyard fun for kids and entertaining

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Summer is active and busy, but sometimes as working Moms and Dads we want to just stay home on a week night and relax in our own backyards.  But how to include and keep the kids busy, or have an impromptu get together with neighbors? It doesn’t take much to create an outdoor space that ticks all the boxes of entertaining a gathering of all ages. Here are some ideas:

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Bellevue Home Shop- Table Top and Home

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I hope you all are ready to roll into Spring with some Sunny days, warm weather and beautiful Spring time flowers.  This Weeks addition of “Need To Know” is a wonderful shop located in Bellevue Washington that is ready to help you with all of your Easter Table top décor and entertaining needs.Read More


Serena & Lily

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I’m writing the first post in my new category “Need to know”.  I am always on the search for product and companies that are fresh, new or noteworthy…..basically  fabulous finds that I think you need to know about.

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