Lighting Guide Series – How to hang bathroom wall sconces

Lighting Guide Series – How to hang bathroom wall sconces

Our Lighting Guide Series continues this week with wall lights. In the series last week, we spoke about ceiling lights and the importance of how they are installed for maximum function…and style. Wall lights are much the same. With incorrect placement, wall lights may look pretty but they will lose their purpose. When installed correctly, wall lights should provide just the right amount of lighting to the space they are in.

Take a bathroom sconce – they are added to give a layered lighting effect. You have the overhead fixture(s) that provide the most of the light, but a wall sconce will brighten up the vanity area and illuminate the mirrors for added function and style.

We love having fun with the layered effect – bathroom sconces being one of our favorites! A unique sconce is such a great way to add character to a space.

The general guide range will suggest the height range for a vanity sconce between 60″-65″ from the floor. You should note this dimensions is the the center point of the backplate of a light fixture. As seen in the image below. So depending on the style of the fixture, you can determine the height to install the sconce.

See how we did it in our Belvedere and Sammamish Lakefront powder rooms.

bathroom lighting, wall sconces in a powder bathroom.
Belvedere Powder Room

I hope this gives you a little guidance when you are ready to hang your bathroom sconces.


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