Bathroom Remodel-Enhancing Comfort and Function

Bathroom Remodel-Enhancing Comfort and Function

New Year, New Me…or, New Year, New Remodel!? 2024 seems to already be a year of booming requests for remodels or renovations. Kitchens are usually the most popular/sought after space to start in a home remodel/renovation. But it looks like the bathroom is quickly becoming a must-have-updated space in homes.

As we see a shift from ground up home building to remodeling and renovating current homes, bathrooms are a key focus. Clients are requesting not only an updated facade but also the desire to make a more comfortable, functional space. Today, people consider the bathroom somewhat of a sanctuary alongside the needs of freshening up, getting ready and the necessities that go along with that. The bathroom has become a place to relax and unwind as well. For instance, soaking tubs are almost always a must-have and heated floors are a luxury squeezed into even a tight budget.

Having said that, function is still essential! Creative storage, vanity space, the bath/shower of your dreams without taking away from a functioning traffic flow. Creating a functional space does not mean you have to take a way from the comfort and style of your bathroom. In fact, the two can go go hand in hand and become the bathroom of your dreams.

Where to get started?

Consider your lifestyle and bathroom needs with functional storage –

You want a beautiful, luxurious bathroom, but you also want it to work efficiently for you and your family’s needs. Storage solutions are a must – even in the smallest spaces, this is a priority that needs to be and can be incorporated in to the overall design of your bathroom remodel. If you don’t have the cabinet space, add built-in shelving or wall mount shelving. Be flexible with your vanity selections. If you need additional storage, opt out of the trending vanity with minimal storage and consider the stylish vanity with cabinets under the sink.

Dual-purpose mirrors are another great solution when you are lacking vanity space. There are plenty of stylish mirror options available that have the open door storage feature (forget about that generic medicine cabinet look!)

The right lighting –

A ceiling light or recessed lighting is the do it all kind of lighting. A bulb that provides a natural daylight look can be off set with a dimmer to take away from the harsh lighting when you are ready for a mood change. Along with overhead lighting, functional lighting around the vanity – like sconces above or beside the mirror are also key. You can add soft lighting fixtures that promote relaxation and create a more soothing atmosphere. For a touch above – a bold ceiling light fixture adds a unique look.

Luxury amenities –

To enhance the comfort level, the request for one or two luxury features is increasing. Heated flooring is the most requested feature homeowners are willing to indulge. Stepping out of the shower onto warm tiles on a chilly morning isn’t essential but certainly increases the comfort level of a bathroom! Large showers are still one of the most sought after bathroom features – even in smaller spaces, homeowners are most interested in how to incorporate a larger shower.

When space allows, a free standing tub isn’t a necessity but it definitely enhance that spa-like feel.

High-end fixtures or fixtures that offer that extra something will elevate the luxury look.

Marble is a favored choice for luxury hard surfaces – countertops, floor tile, shower tile, accent tile. It is on the higher-end budget but it’s beauty and durability are well worth the investment.

Are you ready to take your bathroom to the next level? Let’s talk about it!


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