Bathroom Vanity Guide for Every Style and Space

Bathroom Vanity Guide for Every Style and Space

The bathroom has many necessary features to ensure it is functional and user friendly. Your powder bathroom needs a toilet, sink and mirror. Full baths need all of the above as well as a shower/and or bath tub. Of course, the sink functions with more than just plumbing. The majority of sinks are mounted on a…you guessed it…vanity. There is such a thing as a wall-mounted sink: a stand alone sink that is mounted directly to the wall with visible plumbing below. This type of mount is perfect for an industrial look, a stylish minimalist look or in a small bathroom that doesn’t require storage and needs a more spacious look.

Screen Shot 2023 06 16 At 8.39.03 Am
Our Suncadia Mountain Home giving off those industrial vibes going vanity-free.
floating bathroom vanity in powder bath
The minimal, easy on the eyes look in our Bellevue Penthouse powder bath. We went vanity free, but opted for a floating countertop provide function and a space for styling.

Now, we are going to focus on the vanity. When shopping for the perfect vanity for your bathroom, there are a few things to consider. If you don’t already have a designer assisting you, here are some standard industry tips to help you get started. 😉

Above all, a vanity will be serving two main purposes:

First and Foremost, Function and Form

A vanity is multi-functional. It is there to make daily activities like washing up, brushing teeth, and overall grooming a lot easier. A vanity can become the focal point and anchor of the entire bathroom. It can be an extension of the overall design of the home to keep the look flowing throughout. Along with the tile and shower/bath choice, a vanity is a great way to complete the bathroom’s design and style. And, of course, it is a great way to hide plumbing.

Screen Shot 2023 06 16 At 9.37.14 Am
Our Eastside Estate master bathroom is the perfect example of a focal point vanity with ample storage and a true extension of the home.

Storage and Counter Space

So, look for one that will tick those two boxes. Storage is an essential feature in any bathroom to keep it clutter-free, and a vanity will solve that. It gives you a place to hold your neatly folded towels, toiletries and even bathroom cleaning supplies. In the powder bathroom a vanity will have your spare hand towels and toilet paper (if you choose one with doors). Counter space comes in handy for hand soap, somewhere to place toiletries, and of course, a decorative item or two to add some interest. Think candle, plant or a stylish accessory.

Screen Shot 2023 06 16 At 9.26.20 Am
A glam vanity taking this powder bath to another level…with the bonus of storage. Eastside Estate
Screen Shot 2023 06 16 At 9.11.04 Am
Leaving room for a few decorative items.

The Bigger the Better

When space allows, opt in for a double vanity. It will add more function – especially if it is occupied by two. And it will ensure your vanity isn’t left floating on a large wall. If you don’t have space for a double, make sure you are still utilizing what space you do have. A large bathroom should have all space serving a purpose for overall function and design – not just your living spaces.

double vanity in bathroom with custom tile
Going double in our Sammamish Lakefront Home
master bathroom with single vanity
A double vanity would have taken up too much room on the master bath wall in our Belvedere home, but we made sure the wall space was serving a purpose.


Because your bathroom will be seeing a lot of activity, durability should be a priority. Choose a cabinet with a an easy to clean surface – a stain-resistant finished wood or an easy to clean paint. The vanity should also hold a counter top made to withstand heavy traffic and dirty hands. is a go-to source for ready made vanities…like these 3:

Shop my Bathroom Storage Guide for some great products that will help you maximize the storage space in your new vanity!

Untitled Design 2
1. Set of rattan baskets from Amazon | 2. 2-Tier Pull out organizer from Amazon | 3. Stackable bins with lid from West Elm | 4. Stackable acrylic organizer drawers from Amazon | 5. Towel Organizer from West Elm | 6. 2-Tier Organizer with sliding drawer from Wayfair

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you have more questions, reach out to a pro!


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