Bathroom remodel – 5 must haves when remodeling a bathroom

Bathroom remodel – 5 must haves when remodeling a bathroom

A bathroom remodel can be an exciting and overwhelming project to take on – you have a wishlist to prioritize, a budget to stay under and timeline to follow. There are an endless assortment of products out there and an ever-changing list of must haves and don’t need, so to make things a littler easier on you and provide some inspiration before you get started on that remodel – here is a list of my must haves.

1. Storage/Outlets

Outlets are obviously a necessity. A great way to create a clean look while keeping a functional space is to hide outlets – in drawers or in a tower cabinet. 

2. Heated Floor

Heated floors are not a necessity in a bathroom, but it is a great feature to have. No more chilly feet when you step out of the bath or shower! During the Winter months, especially in the colder climates, this luxury feature will be your best friend! Good to know – heating systems can be installed underneath any floor type – tile and stone, engineered and solid wood, laminate and vinyl.

3. Shower Features – Shower Heads

The most important piece in your shower is the shower head itself, so be sure to explore all of your options (there are many!) My top two are the 2 head and rain shower head.

4. Single lever faucets

A single lever faucet is a great feature for a clean and minimalist look, it’s also a great choice for a small sink or vanity. It has one handle that controls both the temperature and pressure of the water – no hot and cold faucets needed.

5. Undermount sinks

For a sleek and seamless look, the undermount sink is the way to go. What’s the difference? The rim of the sink is fixed underneath the countertop as opposed to sitting on top of it. A great pro of an undermount sink – there is no lip/crevice to catch dirt.

Oh, another “must have” on my list is a great interior designer to help with your bathroom remodel. It can be a valuable addition to the success of your remodel, saving you both time and money. Even if you are a DIY enthusiast, having a plan and a design to follow can give you an end result that is Instagram worthy!

Happy remodeling!


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  • Thomas R. Beck
    | 10 August 2021

    Amazing tips! I think most of the people did not know about it. Thanks for sharing such nice tips! I really love this blog and content is really useful. Thanks for telling us about the importance of solvency. Keep sharing this post more and more.
    The DIY are very well made, extremely informative and the directions are easy to follow.

  • That was a blast! Lots of important information are revealed in this article. Thanks for sharing.

  • Emma Clemantine
    | 19 December 2021

    Hi Michelle. Your article was really very interesting. I have learnt a lot about bathroom remodel from your article. After reading your article I feel that I should also remodel my bathroom. Your article was so interesting that I was completely engrossed in reading it. Thank you for sharing this article with us.

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    | 13 March 2023

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  • Henry Killingsworth
    | 22 June 2023

    You made a good point when you mentioned that having a plan can help you create a good result when remodeling your bathroom. I would think that working with an experienced renovation contractor would be an effective way of creating a foolproof plan. You will probably be able to create the perfect bathroom if you have a foolproof plan.

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