Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks – Tips to maximize your sink cabinet storage

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One of the hardest cabinet spaces to organize is underneath the sink – whether it be in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Organizing this space can be tricky because of pipes and garbage disposals take up a lot room, leaving spaces that are hard to work around. So, how do we solve the problem? Someone already did!

This organizer from The Container Store is adjustable and expandable to fit oddly shaped spaces in cabinets. Bonus: No tools required for assembly!

This storage unit has removable shelf pieces so you can arrange them around pipes to maximize the space you do have.

If you only have space for one rack, this pull out drawer is designed in a unique U-shape frame that fits around the “peskiest of pipes.”

If you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you have the opportunity to take storage into account before settling on your cabinet design. You can also select a sink that the drain offset to one side, therefore the disposal is off to the side leaving more space for pullouts or a trash bin. 

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The Container Store

Happy organizing!


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