Your Guide to: Last Minute Gift Shopping

Your Guide to: Last Minute Gift Shopping

Have you left the holiday gift shopping to that last minute, or did you forget someone on your list? Maybe a gift didn’t arrive on time and you need to find a replacement – quick! It’s easy to overspend on last minute gifts and just as easy to find something that doesn’t quite have the thoughtful feel as the one that is “delivery date has been delayed” gift you purchased weeks ago.

All that to say, I totally get it. I have found myself in the same shoes and wish I had someone to share their tips and ideas or suggested must-haves for a last minute gift. So, I’m sharing this guide with you in hopes that your last minute gift doesn’t feel like an afterthought! ☺️

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Subscription style:

For the book lover – Book of the Month subscription. (Idea: Buy a new book, print out the confirmation and stick it in the book as a bookmark!) For the music lover: A record player. They are usually an item the music lovers only dream of. This one is available at Target! For the go-getter and inspirational type – a subscription to Masterclass – very popular this year. It is also an instant delivery!

For the teen:

The smiley face slipper (available at many online stores), claw clips, water bottles (hint: the popular Hydroflask and Stanley tumbler should do the trick!) and, of course, gift cards. Idea: stick a gift card inside a gift for the extra mile kind of gift. This moon lamp is a popular choice – and not just for the littles. Tech: Music on the go with this portable speaker, switch carry case, screen magnifier, splurge with the smart projector.

The ladies:

They are always fun and easy to shop for. Here are some trendy gifts that will make her feel you went the thoughtful, made just for her route. Jewelry that doesn’t fall in the “I overspent” category. Like these popular necklaces the initials and the birth flower. The must-have Nest candle (if you don’t feel confident it will arrive in time, Nest candles are always available at stores like Nordtsrom Rack)

For everyone:

Fujifilm Instax, family night gift set, (if you simply can’t wait to order…create your own in a stylish basket…filled with snacks, a family board game and even an Apple+ gift card to choose their favorite movie.) For the family splurge – pizza night just got way easier with the electric pizza oven!

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