Winter Organizing: Tips for the Tidiest Pantry

Winter Organizing: Tips for the Tidiest Pantry

It’s time to talk about the pantry! We spoke about closet organizing in a recent post and received a lot of feedback on ideas for organizing spaces in the rest of the home. So, we welcome you to our Winter Organizing series!

We’re focusing on the pantry today as it is another space that is used daily. Some are cabinets and others are walk-in rooms, no matter the size, an organized pantry is a well functioning pantry. It is proven that if you have food in spaces that make sense and are easy to reach, eating habits are naturally healthier ones. If the large bag of chips is blocking the canister of mixed nuts, the chips are the first option and usually to chosen option. Another fact is that an organized space creates less chaos that may effect your, well, sanity.

So, for the sake of your mental and physical health…let’s talk about organizing your pantry.

Sort by Use

Having a place for everything and have everything in its place makes a pantry most functional. The best way to know where everything is is to create a place for each use and organize those things near each other.

(Functional) Storage Solutions

It’s all fun and games to shop for cute and trendy storage baskets and bins, but function needs to be priority. Lucky for us, there are endless stylish options that actually serve a purpose. Like, a basket deep enough to store more than one packaging size. Canisters large enough to hold all of the dry pasta. Stacking shelves to hold more canned goods. And wall hanging storage to maximize space.

Go all Out

If you have the space and budget, invest in an entire organization system. These can be do it yourself kits or a custom pantry fit for you.

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Pottery Barn

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Michelle Yorke Interior Design | Hidden pantry in our Pine Lake House


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