Making a Difference with Sustainable/Eco-friendly Design

Making a Difference with Sustainable/Eco-friendly Design

Sustainable design is a leading focus in the design world right now, and we couldn’t be any more on board! What is sustainable design and how do you achieve this?

Reduce, reuse, refurbish!

I love seeing custom pieces designed for clients by using refurbished materials, or embracing the heirlooms and incorporating antiques as opposed to shopping for a new piece. Some top designers are even going the second hand, pre-loved furniture route, and it’s paying off!

Buying pieces like this for your home is a great way to add a unique aesthetic to your home while being mindful of the environment and promoting sustainable design. Second hand furniture and unique objects add interest, contrast and texture. Blending old with new is a wonderful way for a home to tell the story of the home owners and highlight their personality. What is a home without a story, after all?

Designers have great sources for assisting you with finding authentic and quality vintage pieces.

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Grousemont Estates

Another way sustainable design can be achieved is by shopping eco-friendly furnishings only – even textiles and accessories.

Eco-friendly design (or green design) focuses on reducing the impact home decor has on the environment as well as a focus on improving indoor air quality. This isn’t a trend in the design world anymore, it has become a necessity for a lot of designers. The benefits of an eco-friendly home create a healthier and safer space and save your budget on energy bills. And, of course, and help the environment. 

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The Citizenry – a great source for eco-friendly shopping

You don’t have to do a complete overhaul in your home to include eco-friendly elements and improve your homes’ sustainability. Start small!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

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Echo Lake Modern
  • Think sustainable when shopping. Start shopping for pieces, or replace a few in your home, to options made from natural materials. Like wood, bamboo and rattan.
Cesta Rattan Bar Stools
  • Update your rugs to natural fibers like seagrass, jute, wool or cotton. Or a “woven of 100% recycled polyester fibers sourced from single-use plastic bottles; up to 612 bottles were used to create this rug” from Pottery Barn!
  • Shop local – if you can use local materials whenever possible, you’ll be helping to cut down on emissions! As I said… start small, but start sustainable!

If you want to shop new and love the look of the latest trends in stores like West Elm – shop their Sustainably Sourced collection. 

How are you incorporating eco-friendly elements into your home? I’d love to hear!


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