Let’s talk vacation home design (or secondary home)

Let’s talk vacation home design (or secondary home)

Have you found the perfect spot to call your new vacation (or second) home and you’re ready to make it truly feel like yours? We offer interior design services at home and beyond! We have designed vacation homes in Suncadia-CleElum, Washington, Palm Springs, California, and Tucson, Arizona.

One of the positive take-aways from the Covid 19 pandemic was the ability for people to work remotely. In turn, this opened up opportunities for many people to purchase second homes since they were not tied to an in office workplace 5 days a week. Not only do I see this as just a trend or temporary, but also a new way of living. I believe this brings the opportunity for more joy, peace and enjoyment for families altogether!

We believe that these vacation (or secondary homes) should feel “just like home” but also have enough of a different vibe, or theme to feel like they are in fact transforming to a unique location. Most importantly, we always infuse our client’s style and personality along with their daily living in their home away from home and create a space that feels comfortable, warm and inviting. Durable and easy care materials are the go to to keep maintenance to a minimum.

We understand the desire of wanting to feel like you are in fact “out of town” and away from the hustle and bustle of every day life while still including modern amenities and conveniences. So, keeping our client’s vacation/secondary home true to who they are, we also curate the design of the vacation home with the architectural style and location of the home.

Is it a mountain home? Or located on the coast? Or a warm desert location? We create unique designs and color palettes to fit the “vacation” feeling and our clients lifestyle!

From structure to furnishings. We will provide our client with a home they can simply walk into and kick their feet up (on that gorgeous new ottoman we selected in a fabulous, durable fabric! 😊)

Enjoy a preview of our Cascade Mountain Home – a warm and inviting vacation home for our clients. Our curated design was a blend of mountain and industrial style to bring in warmth and personality. We furnished the home with durable fabrics and finishes for all the comings and goings of friends and family.

Visit the portfolio to see more of our vacation home design Cascade Mountain Home!

If you’re ready to create a home away from home, let’s talk! Contact us for your discovery call!


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