KBIS-Kitchen & Bath Industry show-What’s HOT and BOLD in design…

KBIS-Kitchen & Bath Industry show-What’s HOT and BOLD in design…

Last month I had a wonderful trip to Vegas to attend KBIS (The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show). I was able to see, first hand, the latest models of kitchen appliances, hardware and plumbing. And let me tell you, it wasn’t all stainless steel! Function and Utility is prevalent in a range of products from cabinet interior organization, kitchen sinks, Laundry appliances and storage, to Techonology-charging drawers, stations and home automation. It was great to come back to the studio with inspiration and resources for all our clients and projects!

What’s trending?

Kitchen Workstation Sinks –

We recently spoke about workstation sinks in our post Everything AND the Kitchen Sink – Kitchen Sink Workstations. I was so excited I was able to see so many in person. Two of my absolute favorites show the versatility and design style:

Img 1450
Hammered metal

Dark finishes on faucets…

Kitchen Cabinets: Dark and Brass Finishes –

I’m not saying white and light tones are out of the kitchen picture this year, but there certainly is a moody look happening. Darker cabinets with brass finish hardware are leading the way. I love the sophisticated look this pair makes. GE Monogram dominated this look at KBIS!

Img 1444
GE Monogram Designer Collection – bottom-freezer refrigerator. Incorporated seamlessly into a cabinetry style look.
Img 1445
Img 1440

Dark and Bold Appliances, Brass Finishes and Leather –

From cabinetry to appliances – the mood keeps going with darker tones and brass accents. The Monogram Designer Collection is a show stopper and takes it to another level with leather wrapped pulls!) The Café series from GE is another one that caught my eye (take note of the little copper detail on the handle).

Appliances aren’t stopping there…we are seeing a variety of colors – and I mean BOLD colors!

Img 1544
GE Appliances nailed it with this gorgeous emerald green oven

Let’s talk more color in the Kitchen –

Ok, for all of you color lovers out there losing hope that 2023 trends are not for you…these sinks are going to whisk you away to Ruvati’s showroom. They showcased a range of sinks in beautiful muted tones.

Img 1426

Img 1425

Beverage Refrigeration –

Beverage and wine refrigeration turned into displays.

Img 1452 1

Even more…

Hearth Oven – not just for pizza, but salmon and steak too!

Smart, sleek (and dare I say, stylish!) storage…

Img 1464

Until next time!

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