Interior Design Idea: How do you add personality to your home?

Interior Design Idea: How do you add personality to your home?

Let’s talk about adding personality to your home. Starting with the the concept.

A home design project starts from a vision and turns into a concept after meeting with a client.

What is the concept? Well, the concept of a home refers to the overall design. And a group of many elements come together to turn that concept into reality.

And those elements are? Building materials and decorative materials are elements. Elements include, lighting, furnishings and accessories.

Furnishings and accessories are two elements that add personality and life to a home. They bring vibrancy – with colors and patterns. Scale and placement bring dimension. They bring interest through textures and finishes.

We love bringing our client’s personality into their home through these two elements. We’d like to share a few ways we gather those personality elements. 

Lighting & Mirrors

From mirrors and lighting to accent furniture. We brought a natural edge with this lamp on a console table and the the WOW! factor to an entry with this mirror:

Making a light statement in our Issaquah Modern Family Great Room
A unique mirror in the entry of our Issaquah Modern Family project was grounded by a sleek entry table.

Decorative Pillows

We LOVE decorative pillows! In this bedroom, the natural textures and earth tone color palette brought in a lovely, natural feel.

Michelleyorke Snohomish 14
Throw pillows for the win in our Echo Lake Modern Guest Room


A pair of eye catching, and seriously handsome accent chairs created the perfect statement in a relaxing, casual Great Room.

Modern seating at its finest in our Issaquah Modern Family Great Room with a blend of natural materials – we chose a textured, gray fabric to add a little extra contrast.

More Furnishings and Lighting

One of our favorite master bedrooms was given a natural glow from a pair of gorgeous, global inspired lamps.

Untitled Design 9
Woven rope nighstands and smoky hand blown glass lamps.

Are you ready to add some personality to your home? We have the best sources to help you do just that. Let’s talk!


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