How a pandemic created an opportunity to evolve our homes.

How a pandemic created an opportunity to evolve our homes.

Every aspect of our lives was somehow effected by the pandemic. One of those aspects contributed to a change in how interior designers remodel/design homes. What is that aspect? Creating a home that needs more spaces to do it all. Small or large, homes have evolved into multi purpose living due to all the extra time we have spent in our homes. 

What are the top 3 spaces I have seen most effected?

The Entry

This is the space that sets the tone for the rest of the home, so we want it to be stylish and welcoming. These days, we also want it to be a place where we can prepare ourselves to enter the house safely and clean. We have seen a rise in requests for more storage, more durable rugs and better traffic layout. All while keeping it uncluttered, inviting and of course, stylish. Even the backdoor became the front door!

The Patio

Social distancing brought outdoor entertaining into the spotlight. This was great fun during the warm months. Simple redecorating with some added outdoor seating, outdoor rugs and throws made it an easy fix. But as the temps started cooling down, we needed to get a little more creative. Renovating and redesigning entire patios became a big thing, and they continue to rise. Bringing a more indoor feel to the outdoors is the way to go.

Lx Miami29 Hom Mccarthy 04 791x1024 768x994 1
Luxe | Photo: Emilio Collavino | Design: Carolyn McCarthy, Interiors Nonpareil, Inc.

The Living and Working Space

Working from home was a major change for most and people found themselves simply needed to “make do” with the space they had. As we all continued to live in multi purpose spaces, reimagining them became a focal point. Corners in kitchens and “dead spaces” became small office spaces, multi purpose furniture – like a stylish office chair that could work as extra seating. Extra storage to hide all of the extra, well, everything – like office papers and school homework. Craft rooms became a thing, mud rooms became a must have – for a space keep the outdoors from coming in and an even more popular space for washers and dryers. 

Lx Pacificnorthwest50 Hom Dotolo 04 768x960 1
Luxe | Photo: Stephen Karlisch | Design: Pulp Design Studio

I think many of us found ourselves wondering why we hadn’t sought out multi purpose living sooner! If you’d like to turn your home into a permanent multi purpose home, book a discovery call!


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