Fabric Trends in the Studio

Fabric Trends in the Studio

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New season means new trends! When it comes to discover what’s hot this season, my favorite sources are the manufacturers and brands I use in my studio. One of the most exciting aspects of design, interiors or fashion, is always the fabric. Pattern, color, texture – it all comes down to the fabric, or textiles. One of the best ways to bring life into a space is through fabric. Whether you are going bold or subtle, fabric becomes the defining piece of an overall design.

To swing back around to seasonal trends, fabric is the hub of it all. I find that going with the trends through fabric is the best bet for a budget friendly WOW! factor, since it is easier to change out fabrics in a room than it is to change out the flooring. 

My go-to sources, and in studio manufactures, are Kravet, Thibaut, Duralee, and CR Laine. Some are known for their timeless and classic designs and others are better known for their evolving colors and prints. Let’s see what’s trending in their libraries…


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Ocean View by Jeffrey Alan Marsh | Kravet

Kravet Mantle Andrew Martin

Hacienda and Portofino by Andrew Martin | Kravet


Ro Honshu Fab

Dynasty Collection | Thibaut

Ro Stocktonstripe Fab

Dynasty Collection | Thibaut

Ro Carlotta Fab

Dynasty Collection | Thibaut


Screen Shot 2018 06 22 At 11.12.13 Am

Urban Anthology by Highland Court


Manhattan Collection by Clarke & Clarke


Delta Collection by Studio G


Octavia Collection by Studio G

CR Laine

Screen Shot 2018 06 22 At 11.17.18 Am

via CR Laine

Screen Shot 2018 06 22 At 11.19.20 Am

via CR Laine

Screen Shot 2018 06 22 At 11.18.06 Am

via CR Laine

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