Designing The Perfect Pet Friendly Home

Designing The Perfect Pet Friendly Home

Creating a (stylish) pet-friendly home is all about finding the balance between aesthetics and functionality. I know this first hand! Our sweet (most of the time) Golden Retriever, Griffey, is part of the family! He’s a love and super adorable, but I have my boundaries for where he’s allowed and not allowed. I’m not a dogs on the furniture person, but I know many are! In designing my own home I’ve selected materials that I know will be durable, easy to clean and stand up to the daily furry mess. I’ve also created a designated space in our mud room to allow for wet paws to dry! Here’s my guide to help you achieve a space that accommodates both your furry friends and your design preferences.

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Meet Griffey
Ok, where to start with pet friendly design?

In all aspects of design, when it comes to features that see the most traffic and need the durability to last – the hard surfaces are the most important.

Durable Flooring: Opt for flooring options like LVP (luxury vinyl plank flooring) that can withstand scratches and stains. Or pre-finished hardwood that is scratch resistant and has water protectant sealer applied. Materials like luxury vinyl, hardwood or porcelain tile are ideal. Soil and stain resistant rugs are also a great way to protect high-traffic areas and can be easily cleaned.

Wall Paint: There are many easy to clean, durable paint options available. One I like to use is Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint. It has excellent hide and durability and withstands scrubbing (for that mud your furry friend just can’t wait to shake off!)

Dog Showers or Dog Wash Stations: These are becoming quite popular and I definitely know why! It’s a great feature to be able to rinse dog paws or give them a full on bath right in your own home. They can built in if you have the room, or you can add a dog wash station to your garage. They come in a variety of sizes and price ranges.

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Our personal favorite custom tile design for our client’s dog wash station. 🙂
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What are the best products to incorporate into a living space to create a pet friendly home?

From gates to dishes and rugs – here are a few of my favorite.


I think this gate is brilliant! I wish I could have installed one in my new home. But our floor plan did not allow for space in the wall for the gate to retract (plumbing located in the wall). This is a retractable, pocket-style pet gate. A stylish, functional element that fits into any design aesthetic. You just need to make sure it works with your wall.

Performance Fabrics: (AKA Soil and Stain Resistant) There are so many great options for soil and stain resistant fabrics. Most fabric lines now have a “performance” fabric line in great colors, textures and patterns. You can have a lot of fun with these fabrics! I am definitely designing with performance fabrics in my new home!

Pet dishes…

…and where to put them. I love the design feature of pet dishes/eating spaces to be incorporated into the home as a built-in eating station. However, not everyone has that design option. When the right dishes are selected and placed on a mat, a pet food station can be turned into a cute space for your pooch. Just be sure they are placed underfoot to hinder traffic flow.

Image 4
This handmade pedestal feeder was a recent find on ETSY.

These bamboo melamine bowls have a classic ceramic look to them. They are super durable and super stylish in fun colors.

Rugs and Mats

Indoor/Outdoor Rug

A stylish performance rug is the perfect choice if you want something to blend in or accent your overall home style. I love this neutral Loloi Indoor/Outdoor rug that comes in many different sizes.

All-in one

How cute is this!! This Pet “pantries” is a great choice if you want to keep it all in one spot – food, dishes, leashes, etc. This is the perfect addition!

Are you ready to design the perfect space for your pet? Or maybe you need more ideas on how to create a more durable, easy to maintain area for your furry friends. Let’s Talk!

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