Set the (table) scene for Thanksgiving

Set the (table) scene for Thanksgiving

Set the scene for Thanksgiving. You don’t have to be the hostess with the mostest to create a beautiful tablescape for the holiday season. Maybe even invest in a few stylish pieces to add something special to the table – other than that delicious, home cooked dish.

Whether it’s just you and the kids, or a whole family reunion, setting the scene for Thanksgiving can really help set the mood at the dinner table. 

Add flowers and greenery

Buy fresh flowers and greenery to fill the table with life. Flowers add texture and an opportunity for more color. I’m sure you’ve seen the season-inspired bouquets. Warm and moody colors give a great Fall feel. Once the crowd has left and the table is clean, you’ll be left with gorgeous blooms and stems to place throughout the house.

If you’re more a faux-flower kind of person – there are so many options that are truly lifelike.

Set the (mood) lighting

Candles are simply a must to add a little ambiance. Some love a real burning candle, others love the ease and safety of flameless candles. Candlesticks and hurricanes come in all sorts of sizes and colors, so they are a great addition to fill out the decor on the table. Sometimes they are even the life of the party!

Think about the linens

Placemats and napkins are more than decoration – they are there to help catch the mess and protect the surface of your furniture. Consider the placements you can throw in the washing machine, or easy to wipe down chargers.

How do you serve?

Are you a buffet-style or serve from the table kind of family? If you’re serving from a buffet – think about extending your tables cape to the serving table.

If your tradition is to pass the plate style – be sure to decorate in a more functional manner. Leave space for dishes and serving ware.

How are you prepping your table for the holidays?


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